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Shaking the Etcher Sketch

Note:  I have been getting “Server not found” for 3 days now.


Note:  I have been receiving "No server found: for 3 days...

Dear John:  In your fiftieth year you are still
drowning in anger.  It will be death.

A family gathering is meant to be together
yet you walk in, a razor edge gleaming.

Your attacks only draw attention from those
who don’t know about the shoe shine box

beatings.  Fists, toys, anything dad’s rage
could grab; your head as target.

If I could erase the poundings, I would
swipe left to right, soft shifts that coat

festering wounds.  You choose dad’s
mistakes as your legacy.   My life sucked too.

Remember when I forgot to take out trash?
His fists made me stop breathing

Irony:   his fists to knock my breath back.
None of us were never anyone’s perfection.



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